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Message from the Chairperson
    • Chairperson, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan

    Su Chen Beyue

    Chairperson, Legal Aid Foundation, Taiwan:Su Chen Beyue

    Current Position

    • 7th Chairperson, Legal Aid Foundation


    • LL.B., National Chengchi University
    • LL.M., National Chengchi University
    • Certificate of completion, 11th Term, Training Institute of Judges and Prosecutors, Ministry of Justice
    • MBA, Augusta College, Georgia, U.S.A.
    • CPA, U.S.A.

    Professional Career

    1. Current Positions​:
      • Advisor, Judicial Yuan
      • Advisor, Taiwan Chapter of the IAWJ (International Association of Women Judges)
    2. Experiences:
      • Judge, Taiwan Taoyuan District Court
      • Judge, Taiwan Taipei District Court
      • Judge, Fuchien High Court Siamen Branch Court
      • Section Chief, Department of Administrative Litigation and Discipline, Judicial Yuan
      • Corporate Controller, Maryland, U.S.A.
      • Judge, Fuchien High Court Kinmen Branch Court
      • Deputy Director-General, Department of Clerks for the Justices of the Constitutional Court, Judicial Yuan
      • Judge, Taiwan High Court
      • Justice, Supreme Court
      • Director, Taiwan Chapter of the IAWJ
      • Director-General, Department of Clerks for the Justices of the Constitutional Court, Judicial Yuan
      • Director-General, Judicial Personnel Institute, Judicial Yuan 
      • Justice, Constitutional Court R.O.C. (Taiwan)

    A Letter from the Chairperson

    I sincerely appreciate the devotion of LAF directors, supervisors, CEOs, deputy CEOs, branch office directors, executive secretaries, legal aid attorneys, members of the evaluation committee, members of special committees, staff and volunteers over the years. Given their effort, the LAF, which is funded by the government, has provided services in accordance with the Legal Aid Act for eighteen years, and the legal services have been improving in terms of both quality and quantity.

    I have served for bench trials in criminal, financial, family, civil and constitutional courts. In my career as a trial judge, it has been my belief that trial, prosecution and debate form the “trinity” – they work together rather than against each other. When I come across a powerful statement which clarify case facts, legal implications and applicable laws, I am truly impressed by the lawyer’s dedication and competence. This is so delightful, because the “trinity” of trial, prosecution and debate is the last ditch securing the social order.

    The growing number of cases year by year indicates that legal aid is in high demand. We are a positive vibes community encompassing thousands of staff and volunteers. Building on the existing foundation, let’s strive to offer warm-hearted, efficient and professional legal services, and to provide an institutional approach which safeguards the right to litigation of those who have no resources but are in need to litigate and ensures their equal access to justice.

    Keep going … We can do it!