• Q1.Who are you?

    Funded in July, 2004, Legal Aid Foundation (LAF) is a publicly-funded independent statutory organization aiming to provide a comprehensive range of legal aid services to disadvantaged people. Currently, 22 branch offices have been established in Taiwan including 3 off-shore island branch offices in Kinmen, Matsu and Penghu.

    Q2.What are your services?

    Our services include
    (1)    legal consulting;
    (2)    negotiation and settlement;
    (3)    the drafting of legal documents;
    (4)    representation or advocacy in litigation or arbitration;
    (5)    assistance in providing other necessary legal services and expenses;
    (6)    any other services that the Foundation has resolved to provide.

    Q3.I have a legal problem, what should I do?

    Please call 412-8518 (Dial directly when using a fixed line,add 02 when using mobile) to make an appointment in advance for free face-to-face legal consultations. Our staff will arrange a proper time and nearest branch office for you to get legal advice!

    Q4.What happens if I need more than legal advice?

    You can apply for a grant of legal aid. Please call 412-8518 (Dial directly when using a fixed line,add 02 when using mobile) to make an appointment in advance.

    Q5.Is Legal aid available for foreign nationals?

    Any applicant who is legally residing in Taiwan regardless of his nationality may apply for legal aid.

    *This will include identified victims of human trafficking as well as foreigners living in shelters pending identification as victims of human trafficking.

    Q6.Can I make an application via internet or by e-mail?

    No. Basically the application must be made by the applicant personally. However, applicants who are in jail, detained or not able to act in his own right (for example mentally-disabled) may ask family members or friends to make applications on their behalves.

    Q7.Am I eligible for a grant of legal aid?

    If you are lawfully living in Taiwan, you may apply for legal aid if: 

    *Compulsory defense cases do not require financial assessment.

    *Identified victims of human trafficking and foreigners living in shelters pending identification as victims of human trafficking may also apply.

    Q8.Any documentation required for applying?

    Documents you need to bring:

    • ARC card, passport or R.O.C. National ID Card;
    • The taxation schedules of your income and assets in Taiwan (you may apply for them from the taxation office); and
    • Documents related to your case
    • If your family or friends apply on your behalf, they must bring a letter of authorization and should be familiar with your case. 
    Q9.How long does it take to find out if legal aid has been granted?

    Most applications are processed upon the day you make applications. We will phone applicants within 3 or 5 days after the decisions are made. There may be delays if the information (document) asked for is not provided.

    Q10.Is legal aid free?

    Legal Aid may ask you to pay or contribute to all or part of your legal costs. The amount you have to pay will depend on your financial situation. Please see the Contributing to the cost of your legal aid for further information.