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How to get legal advice
  • The importance of legal advice is to provide people with early access to professional information prior to the occurrence of dispute so that they can evaluate litigation risks beforehand, which serves to minimize disputes. 

    Legal advice cases of LAF exceed 80,000 cases per year, which clearly indicates that people are in need of legal consultation. 

    As of March, 2015, LAF has set up 107 stations for face to face counseling services. You can get free legal advice from our lawyers on common legal issues. 

    *When applying for legal consultation, the only documents required are personal ID card and documents relating to the matter at hand.

    If you need more than just legal advice, we provide other services include:

    • Representation in court proceedings
    • Drafting legal documents
    • Dispute resolution

    Legal Aid Hotline

    412-8518(Dial directly when using a fixed line,add 02 when using mobile)