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Legal Aid for Victims of Human Trafficking Program
  • As a result of global population movement, Taiwan has become a destination for marriage and labor migrants in South-East Asia. Illegal human smuggling gangs have made extortionate profits by smuggling and trafficking at the expenses of depriving people of their human rights.

    Recognizing the abhorrence of the transnational crime, LAF stood by its mission to protect the fundamental rights of the disadvantaged, and actively participated in drafting the civilian version of the "Human Trafficking Prevention Act", and has endeavored to provide assistance for the victims in resolving their legal disputes. 

    Major efforts are described as follows:

    • Seminars on Practical Issues Concerning Legal Aid for Human Trafficking Victims. 
    • Assistance with Labor Exploitation Victims of the Chiji Group.
    • Continuing Participation in Meetings on Human Trafficking Prevention and Related Training
    • Provided legal aid to transnational victims in 1,996 cases between 2008 and 2014